Eric Susak first learned of the Cyr wheel in the summer of 2013. The elegant design and versatility of the wheel instantly mesmerized him. After one night of watching videos of Cyr artists, he wasted no time in immersing himself in the art. Eric consistently pushes the limits of his physical capabilities on the wheel, and he also enjoys extrapolating from the movements a philosophy of life. He learns how to live peacefully and live well from interacting with the spin. Performance allows him to share the harmony between human and movement with others.

Eric regularly performs with a Flagstaff, AZ-local circus troupe, Circus Bacchus.


Eric Susak is committed to creating artistically unique performances that fit the themes and needs of your event. He will endeavor to accommodate the concept of your event in his choreography and costuming. He is available for the following, non-exhaustive list of events:

  • Festivals
  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Guest Performances
  • Private Lessons (applies to Flagstaff, AZ residents only)

Spatial Requirements:
20' by 20' flat, hard, open surface (wood, concrete, marley, etc.)

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